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Mr Manish Chand was caring and professional throughout my treatment, I would highly recommend his services



Patient, Mr Holstein, 3/2020



Professor Chand is a busy colorectal surgeon and one of the highest volume colorectal cancer surgeons in London. His high level of training achieves clinical outcomes that are amongst the highest levels anywhere in the world. To this end he is regularly invited to perform masterclasses all over the globe and is an accredited national trainer for robotic surgery.


He currently holds the positions of Associate Professor of Surgery at University College London and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at University College London Hospital. He is also Director of the MS in Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery at UCL. In addition, he holds the title of Professor of Surgery at Apollo Hospital, India. and is Consultant Surgeon at Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, UAE.

After completing a 1st Class BSc in Neurosciences from Kings College London, he graduated from Royal Free Hospital London with MBBS (Hons) and subsequently went on to teach Anatomy and Physiology at Oxford University. He remained an Honorary Neurosciences Tutor at Balliol College, Oxford for a further 5 years during which time he completed his Basic Surgical Training through Kings College Hospital London. Whilst completing Higher Surgical Training through the Wessex training scheme including the prestigious Basingstoke Hospital, he gained a PhD from The Royal Marsden Hospital and Imperial College working with the MERCURY Study Group - This group have pioneered the global guidelines and implementation of the use of diagnostic MRI for the staging of rectal cancer with the seminal publication in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Mr Chand has recently been recognised in the Top 100,000 scientists in the world based on the metrics of his research work. He is the youngest member of UCL faculty in the Division of Surgery to acquire this prestigious honour. He has presented several lectures across the globe, has well over 100 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and is involved at editorial level on surgical journals. He is a Key Opinion Leader and recognised expert in laparoscopic rectal surgery, imaging of rectal cancer and surgical technology including Artificial Intelligence. He works closely with a number of innovative healthcare technology companies advising them on their research and product development to maximally benefit patients. 

Currently, Mr Chand heads a colorectal cancer research group at University College London specifically fluorescence guided surgery, advanced imaging modalities, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Mr Chand is one of the only non-US based members of the ASCRS Technology Committee for assessing and developing cutting edge technologies for the use of surgical patient. He is also a member of the prestigious EAES Technology Committee which is responsible for assessing surgical technologies across Europe. He is a co-investigator at the prestigious EPSRC Wellcome Centre in pioneering surgical technology. The Masters programme of which he is Director is considered the most innovative and technologically advanced surgery programme of its type with a leading international faculty including Cleveland Clinic, Apollo Hospital Group, Hospital Clinic Barcelona, and Humanitas Milano.  He currently holds research grant funding from various learned bodies.


Clinically, Mr Chand is recognised as a global opinion leader and master surgeon in minimally-invasive colorectal surgery and in particular, colorectal cancer. His practice concentrates on using techniques which reduce the surgical stress on the body and allow for a quicker recovery and fewer complications. He is actively involved with the research and development of the next generation of robotic surgery platforms which are soon to reach the market. 

Mr Chand is regularly featured in international media and invited to comment on all aspects of colorectal surgery including by Vatican correspondents at AP News Agency for the Pope's recent surgery and the latest public health information for colorectal cancer in The Guardian.

Mr Chand also holds an MBA and a keen interest in the management of complex institutions. You can find a full list of all Mr Chand's publications here. Mr Chand was recently published in Nature journal on his high level review of rectal cancer management – link here.

  • MBA, University of Leicester 

  • MRCS London, Royal College of Surgeons of England  

  • BSc Neurosciences, Kings College London 

  • MBBS, Royal Free Hospital, University of London 

  • FRCS London, Royal College of Surgeons of England 

  • PhD, Imperial College London 

  • FASCRS, American Society of Colorectal Surgeons 

Consultant Surgeon at The London Clinic
Consultant Surgeon at University College London Hospital Professor of Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, India
Visiting Professor at Cleveland Clinic Florida
Associate Prof of Surgery at University College London 

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