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May 2022 - Evidence-based Surgery

The key to successful modern medicine is to participate and remain updated with the latest research. Evidence-based medicine is the cornerstone of all our treatment strategies across healthcare. It is important that when patients seek treatment in private practice that they are assured that the latest evidence-based medicine techniques are being offered. This is taken as mandatory within the NHS but often not so apparent within private practice.


As a leading surgeon scientist and academic clinician, I ensure that I am up-to-date with the latest surgical practice. Indeed I am involved in many research projects which I lead as well as global collaboratives. Some of our research has been integrated into contemporary practise and we continue to strive for better and more patient-centric treatments using the latest technologies.

I have recently returned from the American Society of Colorectal Surgeons (ASCRS) annual meeting where I presented some exciting new research into how to treat colorectal cancer. This is work is that I undertake in my academic practice at University College London and working with partners across the UK and wider surgical community.

Please be reassured that any treatment that you are offered as part of our practice is not only at the cutting edge of surgery but also based on strong medical research. We would happy to be to discuss this further with you during your consultation and whether we are able to enrol you in on going research work through The London Clinic.

Take care,

Manish Chand

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