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October 2022 - Robotic Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

Robotic surgery has now been established for over a decade in the UK. Finally, we are beginning to see excellent patient outcomes and outstanding results which are being published in the medical literature. Although there was initial scepticism centred around the costs of robotic surgery, I am glad that these are now being balanced with the improved outcomes and patient benefits in the short medium and longer term.

The key to success in colorectal cancer surgery is to ensure that the tumour is excised with clear margins and without causing collateral damage. In addition, faster recovery, less complications and a return to normal life will also allow for more optimal continued management of the disease going forward.

Unfortunately, robotic surgery is not available for colorectal cancer to all patients meaning you are often offered an alternative. We are happy to offer second opinions and review the case history as in most cases robotic surgery is a successful alternative.

Our practice is the most experienced and highest volume private practice for GI and general surgery in the UK.


Take care,

Manish Chand 

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