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We are delighted to introduce a new section to the website – “Spotlight”. 

The aim of the Spotlight section is to inform patients and healthcare providers of the latest developments and research into a specific topic in colorectal disease. Each month a different topic will be selected and Professor Chand will look to provide a high-level review of the dilemmas and debates surrounding that subject matter. This will be delivered with the latest evidence and provide readers with an opportunity to understand the rationale behind the latest treatment and investigations options, and those which are particularly suitable for them individually.  

Here are some examples of the topics which will be covered over the next 6 months. 

  1. COVID and surgery

  2. Developments in CRC screening

  3. Modern treatment strategies for CRC

  4. Options for haemorrhoids

  5. Perianal fistula

  6. Robotic surgery – is this the right approach for colorectal disease?

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