Robotic surgery has become increasingly popular in the last five years. Whilst initial scepticism has now dissipated as institutions have understood the real value that robotic surgery brings. The early medical literature suggested that there was no advantage in robotic surgery but it is now become clear from several high-quality publications that there are many benefits in terms of patient and surgeon outcomes.

Robotic surgery allows greater access and manoeuvrability during difficult parts of the surgery. This means less physiological trauma to the body when undergoing surgery and subsequently faster recovery and fewer complications. From a cancer perspective the surgery becomes more precise, which ultimately should translate to improved survival outcomes.

The surgery itself is still performed by the operating surgeon however the robot allows smaller incisions with more advanced instruments obviating the need of a large incision. In the vast majority of cases patients are allowed home within a week. This is an improvement on traditional open surgery which is only now required infrequently.


At The London Clinic, we use the latest generation da Vinci XI robot, which allows for exceptionally precise surgery, faster recovery, optimal oncological outcomes, and resultant patient satisfaction. Mr Chand leads on GI Surgery within the Institute of Robotic Surgery.


We look forward to telling you more about this new surgical revolution during your consultation.

The Da Vinci Xi is the most advanced robotic surgical platform in the world

  • Pelvic floor disorder

  • Abdominal wall hernia

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Colorectal Cancer 

  • Colectomy