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Virtual Reality Device

July 2022 - Robotics and Gaming

Are the worlds of #gaming and #surgery about to collide for the better of #healthcare?

As surgery gets more technologically advanced and data driven, we head into the so-called era of #digital surgery. This is where data is organised into a meaningful form from the various inputs within the OR allowing for detailed analysis through #intelligent software applications. This leads to outputs which benefit all stakeholders from surgeons to patients.

Furthermore, there are many transferable technical skills from gaming to #roboticsurgery for example, particularly when surgery is becoming more standardised as a series of more predictable procedural steps. This is akin to a gamer who expect a certain pattern of scrolling and tasks to execute as they progress through a new game. This is similar to a surgeon who would expect familiar anatomy and procedural steps to go through during the a routine surgery.

Similarly, #gamer and #surgeon need to be alert to anything unexpected and need to receive the appropriate input in real-time with no lag. This allows them to react to individual circumstances for an equivalent ‘best possible outcome’.

Using #cloud platforms through Amazon Web Services (AWS) we can gather and analyse data in a safe and secure manner in real-time using fantastic tools. The key to #digitalsurgery is the organisation and analysis of the data inputs from the OR and #aws is ideally positioned for this.

Other technologies such as Hawkeye could be used in reviewing surgery. This would make surgical education and training more detailed. We have seen the benefits in a variety of #sports but consider how it could be used in #surgicaltraining.

There’s much crossover. It just takes some imagination!

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