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In some cases patients may wish to travel to the United Kingdom, and in particular Harley St, London to access highly specialised treatment. However in the majority of circumstances, high quality treatment is available in the host countries but it is sometimes difficult to know which are the expert centres and the outcomes achieved by those centres.

Furthermore, there has been recent concern in whether travelling to the UK or undergoing treatment in London is safe in light of the pandemic. Whilst there has been a surge in cases of COVID19 at the beginning of January, these numbers are improving significantly with daily cases dropping. Our practise schedules all surgery at the world renowned London Clinic, and this is one of the safest and most advanced hospitals in the country. There are dedicated pathways to ensure all patients are kept safe from unnecessary or risky exposure from COVID19. There is regularly PCR testing of patients to ensure you remain reassured within the confines of the hospital.  

Mr Chand has very close links with many countries across the Middle East, Europe, United States and Asia. He has performed surgery in the number of those countries including UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, and many countries across Europe.

In particular, Mr Chand has links with large expert centres across the Middle East such as King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) Jordan, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, Aramco Medical Complex, Apollo Hospitals India, Mubarak Hospital Kuwait.

Mr Chand offers the highest levels of expertise in colorectal surgery and colorectal cancer offering the latest treatments which include robotics, laparoscopic surgery and cancer care. He will be more than happy to provide you with an expert opinion and guidance on your treatment in your host country or undertake your care in London.

Mr Chand works closely with embassies across the world and in particular those based in the Harley Street area. These includes Kuwait Health Office, UAE health office, Saudi Health Office and the various military attaché. 

We can provide you with a second opinion through a video or teleconsultation so that you may discuss the case and options with Mr Chand without the need to travel to London. This is often a good starting point and may provide you with additional treatment options or the peace of mind you require.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your personal needs.

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