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Robot arm

March 2023 - Total Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. With the introduction of newer robotic platforms and flexibility in access, the indications of robotic surgery are going beyond complex procedures. We have already seen the huge benefits of robotic surgery for patients undergoing cancer operations but we are now seeing equally impressive benefits for our patients undergoing more routine surgery such as hernia and pelvic floor issues. The robotic platform can be used for these daycase procedures further improving the recovery rates and need for analgesia. 

Hernia surgery includes inguinal or groin hernias, abdominal wall or ventral hernias, parastomal and incisional hernias. The accuracy conferred from the robotic platform allows for better placement of the mesh and more precise closure of the hernial defects without disrupting other tissues nearby.

We have adopted a 'total robotic' approach in our practice which means that we try to offer robotic surgery as the first option across the conditions we treat. The pre- and post-operative care is tailored around the robotic procedure and our anaesthetist ensures you will benefit from a smooth journey during your procedure.

We look forward to discussing options with you.

Take care,

Manish Chand

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