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October 2021 - Colostomy or ileostomy problems

In some surgeries, creating and placing a colostomy or ileostomy is a life-saving procedure. They can allow for a return to a high quality of life giving people independence and dignity from specific bowel conditions. The improvement in stoma appliances and wide range of clothing and accessories has normalised a once taboo subject. This is hugely encouraging. 

However, for some patients a closure or reversal of stoma signifies an end of treatment and can be a symbolic moment in their health journey. There are many reasons patients may wish to have their stoma reversed and often these are deeply personal. Unfortunately, despite stoma procedures often being part of treatment for serious and urgent medical conditions, the reversal can be considered low priority. This is particularly the case when services are rationed or restricted.

Whether you have a stoma and would like advice regarding managing any problems or you wish to have a reversal procedure, we are happy to arrange a consultation and go through the options with you. In most cases, a reversal procedure is a straightforward procedure with a minimal risk profile and requiring only a few days in hospital. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Take care

Manish Chand

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