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January 2023 - New Year....New Healthy Lifestyle

Many people will make lifestyle changes as part of their New Year's resolutions. The New Year gives us an opportunity to change stubborn habits and seek a healthier, more productive life. We often see this with people eliminating alcohol from their diet in the month of January but more important than this is sustaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the entire year.

We know that there are dietary associations between excessive consumption of various food products and colorectal cancer. Although the exact mechanisms of how cancer develops are yet to be determined in relation to food, there is anecdotal evidence that maintaining a healthier diet cuts the risk of developing bowel cancer.

Having a diet high in healthy vegetables, fruit and fibre, and ensuring adequate amount of water is the basis of such a healthy diet. Small amounts of other food groups in moderation are unlikely to do major harm. Eliminating smoking and cutting down on alcohol are also sensible.

If you are concerned that you are developing features of colorectal cancer then please visit our informative pages on this website and book a consultation if you so wish. In most cases a colonoscopy or other adjunctive tests can eliminate colorectal cancer as a diagnosis.

Take care

Manish Chand 

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