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March 2022 - Robotic Surgery

There is now clear evidence that minimally invasive surgery is far more beneficial to patients than traditional open procedures. Unfortunately, many patients are still being offered open surgery despite their procedures being amenable to minimally invasive techniques. The advantages include shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, fewer complications and better long-term outcomes.

There is also now increasing evidence that robotic surgery offers the most precise and accurate form of minimally invasive surgery. The advanced instrumentation and exceptionally clear imaging capability allows procedures to be undertaken with a level of precision that is unrivalled.

We have now done undertaken the highest numbers of robotic general and colorectal surgery over the last 12 months in the UK and have a hugely experienced team at The London Clinic from anaesthesia through to the dedicated nursing staff, theatre practitioners, assistants and surgeon. Our results and patient outcomes reflect our meticulous approach.

There are a number of procedures that can be undertaken with robotic surgery and paradoxically, it is the more complicated procedures that often benefit the most.

Please enquire as to whether your procedure can be undertaken robotically and we hope to offer you the same benefits as we have for the dozens of patients over the last year.

Take care

Manish Chand

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