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January 2021 - A surge in COVID19 cases

As the number of cases of COVID19 begin to surge once more it is important that we learn lessons from the first lockdown in 2020. Whilst in March last year we did not understand much about the pandemic and how best to manage and protect healthcare resources it has become apparent that it is not only the casualties that we see directly affected from the virus, but also those indirect casualties from chronic health conditions and mismanagement of new diagnoses. There has been a great deal of work going on to understand the exact effect of the initial lockdown is on the general public's health and the missed diagnoses and sub optimal care, in some circumstances, that was forced upon us.

There is clear evidence from studies around the world on how best to manage health conditions not directly related to coronavirus. Specific patient pathways, COVID swab testing, periods of isolation and high quality practices within hospital have now meant that patients can confidently attend for investigations, appointments and even surgical treatment with minimal risk.


With respect to colorectal cancer it remains as important to act on any worrying symptoms and once diagnosed have timely treatment. We know that delays in treatment result in sub optimal outcomes and ultimately, reduced survival benefit. In some circumstances treatable conditions can become untreatable.

It is up to all of us to remain vigilant and continue to practice social distancing and excellent hand hygiene but it is also incumbent upon us not to ignore this new symptoms.

We look forward to answering any of your queries and seeing you in our outpatient clinic either by face-to-face appointment in 116 Harley St or via teleconsultation. We are also happy to provide second opinions and alternate treatment strategies if you have been offered something you are not confident with. All our practices are governed by a multidisciplinary team.

Warm regards,

Manish Chand

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